Part 4: Installation

•Prepare your task bar to receive the Macro:
Step 1:Go to your  taskbar and right click on it.
(you can click on images to enlarge)

  • Step 2:  (Resurrecting the Quick Launch Tool bar)
  • Task bar win7
  • Right-click on an empty part of the Taskbar to get the context menu as shown above. Unlock the Taskbar if it is locked and then navigate to the Toolbars => New Toolbar menu item.
  • You will see the The “New Toolbar – Choose a folder”  dialog box.
  • Copy  the green line below exactly as it is starting with %appdata
  • %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
  • and paste it as shown (1) then click the ‘select folder’ button (2).
  • new_toolbar
  • The Quick Launch tool bar should appear on the right side of the taskbar.


If you drag the Toolbar re-sizing handle (red arrow above) all the way to the left until it touches the start button, the entire  Quick-Launch Toolbar will relocate and to the left side of the task-bar just like in windows XP.
Almost there.
Next right-click the Quick Launch bar and turn off the Show Text and Show Title options ; see below ;
You can also click on view and pick option for larger icons.

Step 3.  Open CPRS (Load a test patient ).

Determine if you are classified a ‘Provider’ or not.


•Step 4 : Locate new encounter area, type in the Clinic Location and copy the entire line
(Right click , Copy) :

•Step 5 : Go to the  Telephone Script Generator  page.

Step 6 : In the notes tab click New note , locate or  type in the name of the associated note title and  copy it.


•Step 7 : back to the  Telephone Script Generator  page
•Step 8 :
•Click Start button => Run => and paste the ENTIRE line on the script generator that starts with “Notepad.exe:  Pick the 1st or 2nd line depending on your Operating system.
xp or sevn
•Say YES to ‘create file ’. question

•Step 9: Copy entire generated script from the web-page and paste it into the empty notepad file you just created.

•Step 10 : save the script : Say Yes to save changes

Finally Done!

•Check your Quick Launch area for new blue ‘S’ shaped Icon:
•If visible, Installation was  a successful.
•To test the script, Open CPRS , pick your test patient .

Go to the quick launch area and single-click on the Blue Icon.

Disclaimers/notes of caution:

•-The Macro was tested on a limited number of computers and there may be noticeable variability in performance from one to another.
•The following may cause it to malfunction:
–Older  bloated computer
–Heavy multitasking
-Running the macro for the first time.

So, It’s a work in progress. Need ideas to improve.

Ideas are Welcome. You can post ideas or responses on this forum.

2 thoughts on “Part 4: Installation

  1. Jeff Lehman

    Your macros are awesome! I was looking for a macro that would refresh the reminders on a patient. When developing reminder dialogs I often have to:

    - click on the reminder button
    - choose the “Action” menu
    - choose the “Refresh Reminder Dialogs”
    - close the “Available Reminders” window

    This gets very tedious and is a big waste of key strokes. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. admin Post author

      That is the kind of task that’s suited for the macro.
      We’ll explorer this together in 1 month after we return from Africa missionary trip. Thank you for participating.


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