If your Task Bar is not prepared to recieve the Macro you need to Click here first (covers)

The Greenville CPRS Macro Generator


  • Proceed to (B) below

  • example: WJB G TELEP(PC)-X



  • Click "Generate Script" Button Below



Step 1: Make sure the quick Launch Tool Bar (on your Task bar) is enabled and unlocked :


Step 2: Choose your Operating system then Copy the ENTIRE line BELOW ;then,

Click your Windows Start button => Click Run => then paste : Then HIT ENTER & allow the notepad window to be created.

For windows Seven , paste it in the "Search programs and files" area also located just above the start button.

Windows XP Vista
Windows Seven
Step 3: When notepad opens :COPY the entire contents of the textbox BELOW and PASTE that into the empty notepad window you created above:then close+save the file.


Step 4 : A new icon representing the script should appear in the Quicklaunch area of your task bar.


Step 5 : When ready to make your note and with CPRS running, single click on the icon .


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